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I'm a librarian based in the UK who loves books. I'm happiest when I'm either talking about them, reading them or buying them. This blog is dedicated mainly to my addiction to YA fiction but you will also find some adult and non-fiction book reviews as well.

Review Policy

I am always pleased to accept books for review.  I try to read and post comments and reviews about everything that's sent to me and will always attempt to ensure that reviews are posted on or as close as possible to the release date of the book. 

I can supply blog statistics and page views to publishers on request.

I am active on Goodreads, Twitter and Amazon, so always ensure that reviews are cross-posted to reach the widest possible audience.  I am also a College Librarian so try to promote books to students on a regular basis.

I'm not currently accepting e-books for review. Sorry but I prefer the feel of a real book in my hands!

I am currently based in the UK.

You can contact me at the following: adreamofbooks[at]yahoo.co.uk
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