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I'm a librarian based in the UK who loves books. I'm happiest when I'm either talking about them, reading them or buying them. This blog is dedicated mainly to my addiction to YA fiction but you will also find some adult and non-fiction book reviews as well.

Sunday, 29 August 2010


I decided to set this blog up to post about all the fantastically amazing books I read. I'm going to focus mainly on young-adult books (even though I'm not a teen anymore!) although now and then I may post about other books too.

I am a complete bibliophile and cannot leave the house without taking a book with me! I will read just about anything and love receiving recommendations for new titles. I mainly enjoy young-adult books, 19th century fiction and more recently I've been enjoying paranormal/supernatural stories.

As well as being a complete book-aholic, I work in a library too so I get to spend all day being surrounded by books. What could be more perfect than that!! I thoroughly enjoy rooting around second-hand bookshops and I'm also active on a number of sites such as Goodreads, Bookmooch and RISI.

I hope that others will enjoy reading my blog and I look forward to sharing all the book love.

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