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Review: Embrace - Jessica Shirvington

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington published on 6th October 2011 by Orchard Books

Goodreads synopsis:
Violet Eden has only ever wanted to be with Lincoln. But when he reveals a secret so powerful it could tear them apart, her world spins out of control. Then she meets Phoenix. Intense and beautiful, Violet is helplessly drawn to him...

Caught up in a battle between light and dark - where angels seek vengeance and humans are warriors - Violet must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice. And who she can love...

This is the debut novel from Australian author Jessica Shirvington.  I've been waiting months for a UK release, so I was incredibly excited to finally receive a copy for review.  I picked it up almost as soon as it fell through my mailbox and I was glued to the pages for the rest of the day!

Violet Eden has just turned seventeen and the only thing she wants for her birthday is to have Lincoln, the guy whom she's known for two years and fallen in love with.  Lincoln however, seems determined to keep her at a distance.  Violet eventually accidentally discovers a secret surrounding her heritage which changes her whole world and makes her reassess everything she thought she knew and felt about Lincoln and her life.

When I started this book I wondered whether I'd have to read on through most of the story before the big secret about Violet was revealed.  Happily that wasn't the case and Shirvington wasted little time in letting the plot unfold and clueing readers in on the important choice that Violet faced.  She was then left with more time to devote to the love triangle which forms between Violet, Lincoln and mysterious new guy Phoenix, who suddenly appears on the scene and who seems to have a magnetic hold over Violet.  I have to say that I'm definitely a Lincoln fan!  He is utterly adorable!  If you like the strong, silent and mysterious type then Lincoln most certainly fits the bill.  I never really felt entirely won over by Phoenix.  He does do some incredible things in the romance department but I spent a good part of the book willing Violet to open her eyes and see his true character. 

I adored the angel mythology and the depth and detail in which their history is described.  Although it seemed incredibly complex at the start, it was also absolutely fascinating and I was intrigued by the different ranks of angels that are in existence.  Most of the questions I had about exiles and Grigori (people who are part human and part angel) were answered and Shirvington had obviously spent a great deal of time mapping out the story because there were no gaping holes in the plot and even a handy chart at the back of the book to help you understand the angel hierarchy. 

It took me a little while to warm to Violet, the main character but she really grew on me over the course of the book and I liked the way she eventually grew to accept and embrace her new role.  I would have preferred to have seen Violet's relationship with her father develop further as I always like stories which devote enough time and development to family relationships and I found theirs to be a little one-dimensional, but this is only a small point and didn't distract from my overall enjoyment of the book.       

Paranormal fans will love this exciting new series which really puts angels back on the map!  'Enticed' the second book in the series will be published by Egmont in February 2012 and I shall be queuing up to get my copy.

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  1. This sounds interesting - I am going to have to pick up the book and have a read!

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