Thursday, 3 February 2022

Book Trailer: Where Blood Runs Cold by Giles Kristian

Today I am sharing the fabulous book trailer for 'Where Blood Runs Cold' by Giles Kristian. 

Published by Bantam Press on 24th February 2022, this sounds like the perfect wintery survival thriller. I'm going to be taking part in the blog tour for the book so my review will feature on 5th March.   

Erik Amdahl and his spirited daughter, Sofia, have embarked on a long-promised cross-country ski trip deep into Norway's arctic circle. For Erik, it's the chance to bond properly with his remaining daughter following a tragic accident. For Sofia, it's the proof she needs that her father does care. 

Then, far from home in this snowbound wilderness, with night falling and the mercury plummeting, an accident sends them in search of help - and shelter. Nearby is the home of a couple - members of Norway's indigenous Sami people - who they've met before, and who welcome them in. Erik is relieved. He believes the worst is over. He thinks that Sofia is now safe. He could not be more wrong.

He and Sofia are not the old couple's only visitors that night - and soon he and Sofia will be running for their lives . . . .and beneath the swirling light show of the Northern Lights, a desperate fight ensues - of man against man, of man against nature - a fight for survival that plays out across the snow and ice.

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