Monday, 11 April 2016

Review: My Kind of Wonderful - Jill Shalvis

My Kind of Wonderful by Jill Shalvis, published by Headline Eternal on 22nd December 2015

Goodreads synopsis:
Bailey Moore has an agenda: skiing in the Rockies, exploring castles in Europe, ballroom dancing in Argentina. Now that she has a second lease on life, she's determined not to miss a thing. What she doesn't realise is that item number one comes with a six-foot-one ski god hot enough to melt a polar ice cap. She doesn't want to miss out on him either, but Hudson Kincaid isn't the type of guy to love and let go. And as gorgeous as Cedar Ridge is, she's not planning to stick around. As head of ski patrol at his family's resort, Hud thinks he's seen it all. But never has he run into someone like Bailey. She might look delicate, but her attitude is all firecracker. And her infectious joy touches something deep within him that he's been missing far too long. Now he'll just have to convince Bailey to take a chance on her biggest adventure yet . . . something rare and all kinds of wonderful.

Jill Shalvis's books are my happy place.  I adore her writing and they always give me a much needed injection of romance with a guaranteed happy ending.  Her stories are dreamy, her couples are always perfectly matched (even if they don't always realise it!), there are obstacles to overcome which make the resolution even more satisfactory and they always leave me with a smile on my face. 

'My Kind of Wonderful' is the second book in the Cedar Ridge series and is centred around Hudson Kincaid, ski patroller extraordinaire and the Prince Charming to artist Bailey, who arrives in Cedar Ridge to paint a family mural at the ski lodge.  Hud falls hook, line and sinker for Bailey, who has recently determined to live her life to the full, embracing new experiences and taking chances.  After having overcome illness, Bailey wants to grasp her future with both hands and with no holding back.  I adored Bailey's outlook on life.  Now she has been given the all clear by her doctors and is finally healthy, she is determined to really go for what she wants - and that includes Hud.

I loved both central characters and I was rooting for them from the start.  I also enjoyed getting to see all of Hud's extended family again too, particularly Aidan and Lily who featured heavily in the first book in the series.  Gray and Penny always make me laugh, so it was great seeing them as well. 

This book left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.  A perfect read to devour while curled up by the fire in a comfy chair and with a big mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Jill Shalvis has most definitely done it again!  Fans are in for a real treat!

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