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Blog tour: Find the Girl: All That Glitters by Lucy and Lydia Connell

I'm hosting today's stop on the blog tour today for 'Find the Girl: All That Glitters' by Lucy and Lydia Connell

Lucy and Lydia were kind enough to answer the MOST important question of all among book lovers:

'What are your favourite YA books – now, or when you were growing up'.

"We loved reading so much when we were younger, especially Lucy. She would always have a book in her hand. She was obsessed with every Jacqueline Wilson book and would read one after the other. Her favourites were Double Act, Illustrated Mum, Lola Rose! Also we both LOVED the Mary-Kate and Ashley books and Princess Diaries books. Lydia LOVED A Series Of Unfortunate Events and we both loved all the Hunger Games books!"

I absolutely loved their latest book about twins Nancy and Nina, so read on for my full review.

Publisher: Penguin
Published: 25th July 2019

Nancy Palmer used to be Insta-famous and her twin Nina used to shy away from everyone. Things can change pretty quickly. Nina has been accepted onto a Guildhall music course and is famous because of her pop star boyfriend, Chase. Nancy is trying to put her name on the map by becoming a music journalist and is not getting distracted by Chase's hot bandmate Miles.

When their estranged dad shows up out of the blue and shows an interest in Nina's budding music career, Nancy isn't sure he's just there to make amends. As they attempt to find their way through new challenges, they both have to remember that you have to pave your own path to success and sometimes fame comes at a price.

'Find the Girl: All That Glitters' is the second book about identical twins Nancy and Nina. This is a great series which is ideal for fans of contemporary YA. Written by YouTubers Lucy and Lydia Connell, in collaboration with author Katy Birchall, the writing style is extremely engaging and overall the book is a fresh, sparkling, enjoyable read. It does help to have read the first book, 'Find the Girl' as this established a lot of the main characters but it's not absolutely necessary as there's a recap of events at the start.

The book follows the same format of alternating points of view between Nancy and Nina. This gives a nice take on the different perspectives of the twins. Nina was still my firm favourite, as we see her at the beginning of the story, winning a place on the Guildhall School of Music and Drama's weekend programme. She's constantly worried that her musical ability is not good enough and I thought it was good to see the angst she goes through, constantly comparing herself to everyone else. This is something that I think a lot of people do, often to their own detriment, so I liked the message that emerged about being true to yourself and focusing on your own abilities and achievements, rather than those of anyone else.  

Nancy on the other hand, is worried that she is going to be left behind. Everyone around her seems to have a passion or interest that they're throwing themselves into and she feels like the odd one out. It was good this time to see Nancy facing her share of insecurities. Although she is the confident, outgoing twin who often is the one leading the way and blazing a trail, she came across as someone who I could empathise more with because she worries that she hasn't found her niche yet - that special thing that will drive her and which she can throw her efforts into. She matures a lot in the book and became a more well rounded character.

For those romance fans, the gorgeous Chase Hunter returns, although there is some trouble in paradise for Chase and Nina. I can't reveal any more! Plus, Nancy is very distracted by Miles, the drummer of the band, who seems to keep appearing everywhere she goes. You will not be disappointed in the outcome of that storyline!

There's lots of drama too, when Nancy and Nina's Dad reappears. I enjoyed the family dynamic which was introduced, although I guessed from the start that their Dad might well have an ulterior motive for coming back into their lives.

I thought this was a brilliant book which really suited my reading mood and would be a perfect addition to your holiday suitcase. Fun and light but with just the right amount of depth to draw you in and keep you reading, I'm hoping that the twins will be back for more in the future.

If you have enjoyed reading this review and would like to buy the book, please consider purchasing via my affiliate links from Amazon or the Book Depository.

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