Thursday, 22 May 2014

Review: Let's Bake - Cathryn Dresser

Let's Bake by Cathryn Dresser, published by Orion Children's Books on 22nd May 2014

Goodreads synopsis:
From parties to picnics, lunchboxes to the last day of school, and with Halloween and summer holidays in between - here you'll find 52 easy, delicious recipes for beginner bakers, and fool-proof family baking for every occasion.

Step-by-step instructions, photographs, and all the tricky bits explained in a fun and friendly way - there's no one better than Cathryn Dresser to get mums, dads and kids baking together.

I don't review many non-fiction books on my blog but anyone that knows me, knows that I am a huge baking fan and am absolutely hooked on the Great British Bake Off.  I was extremely excited to get my hands on Cathryn's new book as I was rooting for her to win Bake Off season 3.  It's great to see the success she's had since appearing on the show and I couldn't wait to have a go at making all of her lovely recipes.

'Let's Bake' is aimed at encouraging baking with your family.  There are recipes to suit all levels of bakers, from those just starting out to those who feel more confident in the kitchen.  The book is divided into four sections, each one encompassing a different season and incorporating some gorgeous seasonal recipes.  For example in Autumn when the blackberry bushes are straining under the weight of all those ripe, juicy berries, why not have a go at making Cathryn's drop scones with bramble butter and fresh blackberries.  I know I'll be trying this one out!

Each recipe is very easy to follow and the layout is extremely clear with handy step-by-step photos to lend a helping hand.  Even the more challenging recipes look achievable with some handy tips to ensure that your all your bakes turn out perfect. 

Some of my favourite recipes so far include the malty moon custard biscuits, the gorgeous easy feta cheese triangles and the sweetcorn and chorizo cornbread muffins.  I would recommend following Cathryn's advice on the latter and eating them warm straight out of the oven.  I also can't wait to make the beautiful white rabbit cake, as well as the cheese and chive biscuits in the shape of little mice.  I think children would love these.   

A round of applause to Cathryn for writing such a wonderful baking book.  My copy is already splattered with flour but isn't that always a sign of a well-used and well-loved recipe book.  I'm looking forward to whipping up lots more of these delicious looking recipes and I'm sure my family will enjoy eating them!        

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