Saturday, 18 December 2010

British Books Challenge 2011

I've decided to take part in the British Books Challenge hosted by The Bookette.  You can find out more about it and sign-up to take part here

So what is the British Books Challenge?
The BBC (hee hee) is a reading challenge where bloggers sign up to read books by British writers throughout 2011. 

The books can be in print or out.  Old or new titles.  They can be from any genre and for any age. 

There are two entry categories for the challenge and as a British blogger, I fall within Home Grown.  The target is to read 12 novels. 

I'm still deciding which 12 novels I want to read but so far these are the ones I have on my list:


  1. Ohhh good book choices. Look forward to the reviews :D

  2. Wow, another Librarian?! Yay!

    Welcome to the British Books Challenge.

    I want to give the Stravaganza series a go this year. I have been meaning to read it for ages. My students tell me it is brilliant.

    Best of luck and thanks for signing up!


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