Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review: Forever and a Day - Jill Shalvis

Forever and a Day by Jill Shalvis, published by Headline Eternal on 2nd April 2015

Goodreads synopsis:
Grace never thought she'd be starting her life over from scratch. Losing everything has landed her in Lucky Harbor, working as a dog walker for overwhelmed ER doctor Josh Scott. But the day his nanny fails to show up, Grace goes from caring for Josh's lovable mutt to caring for his rambunctious son. Soon Grace is playing house with the sexy single dad...

With so many people depending on him, Josh has no time for anything outside of his clinic and family - until Grace arrives in town. Now this brainy blonde is turning his life inside out and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "good bedside manner". Josh and Grace don't know if what they have can last. But in a town like Lucky Harbor, a lifetime of love starts with just one day...

This is the 6th book in the Lucky Harbor series.  I am falling more in love with this series with every new instalment that I read.  I looked forward all day to getting home from work so that I could pick this up and catch up with all the Lucky Harbor ladies and their handsome guys. 

Grace and Dr Josh in this one weren't even my favourite couple (although don't get me wrong, I still really liked them) but what I did love about this book so much was the circumstances that were set up to bring the two of them together.  Josh's five year old son Toby is so cute (little kids always melt my heart), as is his new dog Tank.  I loved seeing Grace become more and more like a mother to him, without her even really realising it.  She has a very open heart and a lot of love to share, not only with Josh but his family too. 

Grace and Josh both have to deal with the responsibilities placed on them and in Grace's case, the fear of not living up to the expectations of her perfect parents.  It was nice to see them both learning to do some things for themselves, rather than always trying to please the people around them.  The similarities and differences they share make them the perfect couple. 

Fans of the series will love 'Forever and a Day' and if you haven't yet discovered any of these books yet, then you could still pick this one up and read it as a stand-alone. A heart-warming, romantic and brilliantly written story to pull at all your emotions.   Romance fans out there, this one is for you! 

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