Saturday, 28 January 2012

Blog tour: Fracture - Q&A with Megan Miranda

I adored ' Fracture' which I couldn’t put down when I was reading it and couldn’t stop thinking about it when I’d finished. It was an emotional page turner and although we’re only in January it will definitely make my top ten book list for 2012.  I'd like to welcome Megan Miranda to the blog today for a Q&A about her debut novel.

What initially attracted you to the young adult genre?

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed Fracture. I love YA. I love reading YA, and I love writing YA. I think I’m drawn to writing characters that age because I think there’s something really universal about the experiences at that time—maybe not externally, but the underlying emotions of it. There’s something so pivotal about that time. I find that reading YA really resonates with me, and I enjoy writing it for the same reasons.

You were a scientist and teacher before writing Fracture. How do these careers compare with being a published author?

They’re each so different! I really did enjoy each for different reasons, but nothing beats working from home! Writing is by far the most “fun” profession – I love creating something from scratch. But all were very rewarding careers and required a lot of work. I’d say the biggest difference is the schedule—with writing, there are times when things are incredibly busy (like now), and times when you’re between deadlines and can relax for a bit.

What was the inspiration behind Fracture?

I have a background in science—I’ve always loved facts and concrete answers—but I’ve also found myself really drawn to the things science can’t quite explain yet. I came at the idea from a science angle, but at some point it started to walk the line between science and paranormal. I also wondered what it must be like for that person who is the miracle. How does it affect his or her life?

I fell in love with the character of Decker. Are there any male book characters that you have a crush on?

I  love the character of Ranger in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. There’s something about the elusive guys…

Are the characters of Delaney and Decker based on anyone?

They’re not. Developing characters and relationships is my favorite part of the writing process, and they always seem to have a mind of their own…

What other 2012 debut novels are you personally excited about?

I’ve already read (and loved) SLIDE, by Jill Hathaway, UNDER THE NEVER SKY, by Veronica Rossi, and DITCHED, by Robin Mellom. I’m really excited to read CINDER, by Marissa Meyer next!

I’m incredibly eager to read more from you and hope we won’t have too long to wait. What are you working on next?

Thank you! I have another book scheduled to come out in early 2013. It’s similar to Fracture in that it walks the line between science and paranormal again. It’s a standalone psychological thriller about the thin line between the real and the imagined. Hope you like it!

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