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Review: Zombies Don't Cry - Rusty Fischer

Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer, published by Electric Monkey on 1st October 2012

Goodreads synopsis:
Maddy Swift is just an ordinary girl, until the fateful night when she is struck by lightning and wakes up face down in a puddle. Then it's goodbye to all things Normal – such as breathing and having a heartbeat – and hello to yellow vision and a whole new Afterlife.

Turns out there’s a lot more to being a zombie than shuffling and groaning, but surviving school as one of the living dead requires a totally different set of skills. And things don’t get any easier when Maddy realises that she’s not the reanimated student at Barracuda Bay High.

When this book arrived I was more than a little bit intrigued. Vampires I love, werewolves too but zombies I wasn’t really sure about. I’ll confess that I haven’t read many zombie books before so I had no idea what lay in store for me with this story. I’ve always thought that zombies lack a certain amount of fire and passion. Yes, I know they are technically dead but then so are vampires and we all know that they can on occasion fairly sizzle with emotion. Maddy however, the main character of the book, isn’t your typical zombie, she’s a teenager who is trying to work out who she is and what the heck’s going on around her. Her life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

This book had a fantastic prologue which grabbed my attention immediately and piqued my interest for what was going to come next.  I was expecting a fair amount of horror but there was actually quite a lot of humour throughout and a fairly light tone to the story.  I have to admit that I didn't enjoy this book quite as much as I was expecting to but there were elements of the story that I enjoyed.      

I liked the high school setting where it’s possible that the person sitting next to you may not be who you think they are.  This meant that I never quite knew which characters could be trusted and who was going to be next to turn. 

Funny and humorous, Rusty Fischer has added his own spin to the genre. His zombies eat brains, don’t have heartbeats and are cold to the touch but they also have feelings and emotions like normal living, breathing humans.  Maddy for example, has big issues to deal with, such as being dead but still faces everyday problems with boys and friends.

Overall this was still a fairly good read and although zombies may not have replaced my love of vampires, I’m warming up to them and they may yet win a place in my heart!

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  1. This book was okay but at times it sucked really bad


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