Saturday, 6 July 2013

Writer's Nook - C.J. Flood

Today I'd like to welcome C.J Flood, author of 'Infinite Sky' to A Dream of Books for my feature Writer's Nook.  This explores a writer's space and the objects they like to have around them for inspiration, pleasure or just general enjoyment.

I wrote Infinite Sky in bits and pieces before I was a full time writer, which meant I worked in lots of different places: libraries, cafes, living rooms and bedrooms in Derby, Norwich and Spain.

Since becoming a writer full time, I have a much more established writing routine, and a proper place in which to write. Sort of. Okay, it’s a corner of my bedroom, but it does the trick.

 My bookshelves are above me, which means I can find inspiration from great writers or read a little about story structure when I get stuck – which is very, very often.

There are pictures of my mum, dad and brother when they were a lot younger than today: on a camel, at my graduation, looking miserable on a holiday, as well as various cards and trinkets that people have given me. A favourite of which is the delicate white cup on the second shelf up. My friend made it for me. On it, is a three-headed, moustachioed man-monster-thing that she’s painted. In the frame to the left is a poem an old boyfriend wrote for me. And then there’s my table tennis bat, which teases me constantly.

Another object I like to have near me as I write is this zine I made. I really like it. It reminds me that it’s easy to make things besides books, and makes me laugh whenever I look through it, because it’s so stupid. Don’t tell my editors that I made it when I should have been writing Book Two. The front cover alone took an hour, and look at the state of it! It’s such a scrappy little thing, but sometimes I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever made.

And finally, the most recent addition to the Objects Collection is this kitten-y fella. I bought him for my beloved best friend, but haven’t been able to part with him yet. He watches over me with just enough quizzical curiosity not to put me under pressure as I write.

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  1. Oh what a lovely little writerly nook! I especially love the messy shelves. I don't think I'd be able to part with that kitten either, how adorable...

    Kind of want to ask why your family were on a camel..


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