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Blog Tour: Spy Society - Robin Benway

I have a great guest post today from Robin Benway who has put together her own 'Spy Society' soundtrack.  There are some fantastic songs here!

Do I have a music playlist for AKA???? Of course I do! I'm always obsessed with making playlists for my books. This one is up at Spotify and 8tracks.


I'm obsessed with making playlists for my books and listen to music constantly while writing them. (Also, for you aspiring writers, making playlists is an excellent procrastination tool!) I always think that if movies can have soundtracks, why can't books?


1. La Roux, "In For the Kill" (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)

The book opens with Maggie breaking into a safe in Reykjavík and I listened obsessively to this song while writing that scene. It's creepy and eerie and then kicks into high gear at the very end.

2. The Kills, "What New York Used to Be"

This song is pure Roux. Roux is very New York and very tough...or so she seems. She's the first person Maggie meets in New York and manages to make quite an impression.

3. Charles Trenet, "Que Reste t-il de Nos Amours?"

Whenever I wrote Angelo, I always found myself listening to a lot of Charles Trenet and Django Reinhardt songs. It's very mellow and calm and assured, just like Angelo.

4. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi, "Two Against One" (feat. Jack White)

I quote this song in the beginning of "Spy Society", and to me, it's a great description of Maggie and Jesse's first meeting, of Maggie learning to reconcile the two very different parts of her life. "It's just you and me against me."

5. Kasabian, "Club Foot"

The soundtrack song for house parties everywhere. I listened to this at top volume while writing the Halloween party scene.

6. The Sounds, "Goodnight Freddy"

There's a sweet scene between Maggie and Jesse right after the Halloween party and to me, this is what their conversation would sound like.

7. Django Reinhardt, "Please Be Kind"

Another Angelo song. Maggie confides in him when things start to get difficult for her and I always imagined that this is the song that would be playing in the background while they spoke.

8. Rosie Thomas, "Snow Day"

I love Rosie Thomas's songs so much. Without giving too much away, this is the soundtrack for the ice skating scene. I can't say anymore!

9. Hurts, "Unspoken"

Maggie has to have a serious conversation with Jesse.

10. Foxes, "Youth"

To me, this song has always represented Roux and who she becomes at the end of the book. She grows up a lot over the course of its pages and ends up having quite an effect on the plot.

11. The Prodigy, "Voodoo People"

The perfect song for a chase scene. Ah, I've said too much!

12. Pictureplane, "Goth Star"

I've been trying for several years to get this song onto one of my book's soundtracks, and it finally fit here. If a book had end credits like a movie, this is the song that would play during them.

Happy listening!
You can find out more about Robin Benway by visiting her website or follow her on Twitter @robinbenway


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  1. I love listening to a soundtrack as I read! Definitely going to have a listen to this as I read Spy Society! Great post! :)


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