Thursday, 22 March 2012

Review: Forgiven (The Demon Trapper's Daughter #3) by Jana Oliver

Forgiven by Jana Oliver, published by Macmillan Children's Books on 1st March 2012

Goodreads synopsis:
Riley has made a bargain with Heaven, and now they've come to collect. 

Lucifer's finest are ruling the streets and it seems that Armageddon might be even closer than Riley imagined. But with her soul and her heart in play it's all she can do to keep herself alive, let alone save the world. Riley's not afraid of kicking some major demon butt, but when it comes to a battle between Heaven and Hell, she might need a little help...

There may be spoilers from previous books in the series.

I'm a massive fan of Jana Oliver's Demon Trappers series and each book just seems to keep getting better and better.  'Forgiven' is the third instalment and picking it up was like getting reacquainted with old friends.  I instantly felt immersed back into Riley's world and plunged straight into the action.

Riley has been tasked with trying to prevent Armageddon which frankly seems an impossible task, except for the fact that this is Riley we're talking about and she always appears to be capable of doing pretty much anything she sets her mind to.  Caught between heaven and hell she's stuck right in the middle of two powerful forces and often finds herself in situations where the line between good and evil, right and wrong, is blurred.  What I love about her character is that she will never back down from a fight, she's never afraid of making the difficult choice and I love seeing all the facets of her personality developing as the series progresses.

Riley definitely gets dealt a tough hand this time around.  She has to deal with the repercussions of sleeping with Ori, whilst also fighting multiple demons, helping her father and making amends with Beck.

I have to admit though that one of the main attractions of the books is the will they/won't they relationship between Riley and Denver Beck.  He's one hot demon trapper and sparks fly when they're in each others company.  I love everything about Beck.  I love his gruff, tough exterior and yet the way he turns to mush inside when it comes to Riley.  I adore the way he's so protective about her and willing to put his life on the line to defend her against all costs.  The build-up of the romantic side of their relationship has been a slow burn but when that kiss eventually comes it's definitely been worth the long wait.

I absolutely adored this book which is a perfect combination of action, adventure, kick-ass fights, romance and the ultimate battle between good and evil.  I salute you Jana Oliver because although you broke my heart at the end, you've created a world unlike any other which I can't wait to see more of.  'Forgiven' quite literally rocks!

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