Tuesday, 1 February 2011

World Book Night Giver

A few months back I applied to be a giver on World Book Night.  I was thrilled to bits to get an email yesterday saying that my application had been successful.  I applied to giveaway 48 copies of 'Northern Lights' by Philip Pullman.

When Lyra's friend Roger disappears, she and her dæmon, (pronounced 'demon') Pantalaimon, determine to find him. The ensuing quest leads them to the bleak splendour of the North, where armoured bears rule the ice and witch-queens fly through the frozen skies - and where a team of scientists is conducting experiments too horible to be spoken about.

Lyra overcomes these strange terrors, only to find something yet more perilous waiting for her - something with consequences which may even reach beyond the Northern Lights...

This is one of my favourite book series and one which if you haven't read yet then you need to add to your TBR list. 

You can find out more about the event here

World Book Night represents the most ambitious and far-reaching celebration of adult books and reading ever attempted in the UK and Ireland.

On Saturday, 5 March 2011, two days after World Book Day, with the full support of the Publishers Association, the Booksellers Association, the Independent Publishers Guild, the Reading Agency with libraries, World Book Day, the BBC and RTE, one million books will be given away by an army of passionate readers to members of the public across the UK and Ireland.


  1. I applied for this exact book through World Book Night, but i didn't hear anything. :(

    Good luck giving away your copies, congratulations for being chosen. It's an awesome book!

  2. wow, cool promotion! Amazing push for reading, they should think about doing something similar in Canada!


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