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Review: The Shamer's Signet by Lene Kaaberbol

Publisher: Pushkin Press
Published: 4th July 2019

Dina has recently come into her uncomfortable powers as a Shamer, and now even her brother, Davin, no longer dares to meet her gaze.

Yet in these dangerous times there are far worse things in store for the young Shamer, who is kidnapped and forced to use her gift as a weapon against innocent people. Dina must get free. Can her brother help her escape?

'The Shamer's Signet' is the second book in The Shamer Chronicles. I loved the first instalment of this series, so I couldn't wait to get stuck into the rest of the main character Dina's story. After facing extreme danger in the previous book, Dina and her family have started a new life in the Highlands. After fleeing from the evil Drakan, the Dragon Lord at Dunark, it seems that they might finally have found some safety to try and rebuild their home and their lives.

This time the story is told through the alternating perspectives of not only Dina but her older brother Davin too. He's finding it hard as he faces the transition from being a sixteen year old boy to a man. He wants to protect his family from future danger but doesn't really know how. Without a father to look up to or to help train him in defence, he looks for other ways to learn sword skills and how to handle a weapon. I liked seeing more of Davin, as he didn't feature very heavily in the first book. He doesn't have the gift that their mother has passed to Dina, so it was interesting to see the role that he tries to adopt in their family. He's very torn between his family and his own desires.

The story splits into two paths when Dina is kidnapped by someone that wants to use her gift as a weapon and it looks like her only hope of rescue is from her brother. As a reader, it was interesting to see how Dina attempts to survive her ordeal, as well as getting to enjoy the more action driven part of the book, with Davin attempting to find her and bring her home. The contrasting chapters ensured that I stayed engaged in the plot and kept my interest high as I enjoyed the exciting adventure.

I really loved getting to return to the incredible world that Lene Kaaberbol has created. It was great to see different geographical areas outside of Dunark and I adored the epic nature of the story. It feels like it has real width and breadth with all the ingredients for a majorly exciting and winning series.

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