Saturday, 30 April 2011

On My Wishlist #10

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. Each week I'm going to choose 3 of the books on my wishlist that I am dying to get my hands on but haven't bought yet.  These will be a mixture of released, unreleased, old and new.

Alex Rider is a teenage orphan facing adult-sized challenges. After Scorpia killed his parents, the terrorist group fixed their targets on him. In struggle after struggle, Alex saves himself and others, but Scorpia continues their relentless drive for power. In this intense novel, they set their incendiary sights on the very combustible Middle East. A young protagonist worth following.

I'm a big fan of the Alex Rider series and I can't wait to read this final installment.  According to Horowitz a character who has been in all eight books will die and there's no doubt that this is the very last Alex Rider book!  It was published by Walker on 31st March 2011.

Tamsin Greene comes from a long line of witches, and she was supposed to be one of the most Talented among them. But Tamsin's magic never showed up. Now seventeen, Tamsin attends boarding school in Manhattan, far from her family. But when a handsome young professor mistakes her for her very Talented sister, Tamsin agrees to find a lost family heirloom for him. The search—and the stranger—will prove to be more sinister than they first appeared, ultimately sending Tamsin on a treasure hunt through time that will unlock the secret of her true identity, unearth the sins of her family, and unleash a power so vengeful that it could destroy them all.

This book sounds incredible and I've wanted to read it for ages!  I think I might have to break my self-imposed book buying ban to go out and get it ;)  It was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt on 6th September 2010.

The faeries of the Oak are dying, and it’s up to a lone faery named Linden to find a way to restore their magic. Linden travels bravely into dangerous new territory, where she enlists the help of an unlikely friend—a human named Timothy. Soon they discover something much worse than the Oakenfolk’s loss of magic: a potent evil that threatens the fate of all faeries. In a fevered, desperate chase across the country, Timothy and Linden risk their lives to seek an ancient power before it’s too late to save everyone they love.

I recently read Knife which is the first book in the series and I really loved it.  I now definitely want to read the rest - Rebel is the second book and was published by Orchard Books on January 7th 2010.


  1. I think Once a Witch and Rebel sound great, I have never heard of either book before. How do I miss all these great books? Thanks for posting about them.

  2. Once a Witch does sound amazing - the idea of magic and time travel is right up my alley! Thanks for pointing it out to me! :)

  3. I've had Once a Witch on my list for a while too, the blurb sounds great.

    My wishlist

  4. Once a Witch IS amazing! I loved it...and I can't wait for the next book to come out....I think it's called Always a Witch.

  5. Interesting selection of books on your list this week. With things calming down, I have managed to get back to my wishlist. Come see what I'm wishing for.

  6. Very cool picks ad a nice range too! I might need to add a few of these to my TBR list soon.

    On My Wishlist

  7. Once a Witch looks great! Cute cover too! My name is Angie and I am the moderator over at the YA Book Club on goodreads! Thought I would stop by and say Hi!

    XOXO Angela's Anxious Life


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