Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Trailer: The Haunting of Charity of Delafield - Ian Beck

'The Haunting of Charity Delafield' by Ian Beck is a charming story about a little girl who discovers a secret about her family which will change her life forever. My review will be up this week but in the meantime, here's the mouth-watering trailer for the book which was actually designed by Ian's son, Laurence Beck.

Flame-haired Charity Delafield has grown up in a vast, isolated house - most of which she is forbidden to explore - with her fiercely strict father. With only her kindly nurse, Rose, and her cat Mr Tompkins for company, she knows very little of the outside world - or of her own family's shadowy past. What she does know is that she is NEVER to go outside unsupervised. And she is NEVER to over-excite herself, because of the mysterious 'condition' that she has been told she suffers from.

But Charity has a secret. All her life, she has had the same strange dream - a dream of a dark corridor, hidden somewhere in the house. Then, one day, Charity stumbles across the corridor. It leads to a door . . . and suddenly she realises things are not quite what they seem.

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