Saturday, 9 October 2010


I set this blog up a little over a month ago and am loving having a place to collect all my book-related thoughts together.  I'm also pleased to be part of a wonderful community of book lovers and fanatics.  I feel right at home!

I'm so excited (and amazed!) to have reached 50 followers already. 

Thank you to everyone that's following me and stops by to read my blog.  I'm going to have a 50 follower giveaway soon so please stop by to check it out.  I also have a poll running at the moment to get an idea of peoples favourite book blog features so please take a second to make your choice and then I'll try to have more of the following on 'A Dream of Books'.

Here's to many more happy months book blogging!


Thank you for leaving me a comment. I love reading them!

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